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The aftercare process is much like an opinion; everyone has their own! Every tattooist and collector think that their aftercare process is the best method and therefore the only one that should be being used. In truth, you should use the method that your tattooist recommends; they will have recommended it because they know it works for their style of tattooing. As new products become available and further research is completed, this methodology will change, and that’s okay! As a studio we are always looking to improve the process for our clients, to make their lives easier and to make the process of looking after a tattoo cause as little inconvenience as possible.

As a studio our aftercare recommendations have changed over the years. We have trialled different products on our own tattoos, changed products as new and improved ones have been released, and adapted our aftercare to make it simpler to follow.

It is crucial to ensure that a tattoo is looked after, as essentially it is an open wound that is open to germs and bacteria. If the aftercare procedure is not followed correctly e.g. you pick the scabs, use the wrong products, leave it uncovered whilst exposed to dirt, go swimming prior to it being healed, then you increase the risk of infection. Our number one priority is to ensure every tattoo is perfectly prepared for a quick, efficient and smooth healing process.

Looking after your tattoo will dictate how brilliant it looks when fully healed. It's always disappointing when an awesome tattoo leaves the studio, only to return a couple of weeks later looking dull and patchy because ‘Pete’ said it was itchy and so pulled a few scabs off, and only applied aftercare for the first two days because “it looked fine after that”. Looking after your tattoo and further moisturising it, even once fully healed, will ensure it stays bright, crisp and sharp. This includes the use of SPF50 sun lotion on healed tattoos!

We comprehensively run through aftercare at the end of each session, so we can ensure that it works for each client. We tailor our aftercare to each client’s career, hobby and lifestyle. So essentially, whilst the basis of the aftercare remains the same for each person, there will be elements that are entirely different depending on your job as a mechanic or a zoo keeper, or your hobby of karate or fishing. We know it can be a lot to take in at the end of a session, especially when someone has sat in pain for some time and just wants to go and grab some food! So, we provide every client with their own tailored aftercare plan, detailing exactly what advice they have been given and all the do’s and don’ts.

We also sell the products that we recommend, meaning you can get everything you need before leaving the studio. The product that we recommend is called ‘Yayo Familia’, we recommend it because in our opinion (after trying lots of other products), there is nothing like it. It makes the aftercare process simple, efficient and effective. The best thing is there are lots of variations, so we have a product for everyone, whether you would prefer something with a sweet citrus scent or something with a clean eucalyptus scent.

Products from left to right: Prime, Clear, Sweet, Clean

We are also always available to answer any questions you might have, so if once you are home, you remember the all-important question you wanted to ask, you can call, text, email or send us a Facebook message. We would much prefer to be able to give you advice than you Google it and potentially harm your tattoo.

Everyone has something they absolutely love e.g. a pair of trainers. You take such good care of them that despite the fact you wear them all the time, they look like they are fresh out of the box. A tattoo should be no different, you wear a tattoo for the rest of your life, so a couple of weeks commitment to ensure it heals well and looks amazing is a small price to pay!


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