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At the start of every appointment we ask you to complete a consent form to ensure not only that you are happy to go ahead, but that it is safe for us to do so and no harm will come because of it.

When you start completing the consent form you might think ”Why on earth do they need to know so much about me!?“

We have a duty of care to ensure that we are carrying out our jobs in a safe and responsible manner, and there are some medical conditions that will prevent us from being able to go ahead with your appointment without seeking further information from your medical practitioner, or on occasion, our insurance company.

This includes listing out any allergies you suffer with (even if you think they are insignificant). We use such a multitude of products with varying ingredients, we might need to find an alternative product for your appointment.

It is always better to fill out the consent form truthfully so we can take the appropriate action because ultimately we want to be able to work with you on your tattoo design!

If you are thinking of booking in, but have some questions regarding your medical history, allergies or medication requirements please feel free to get in touch with the Studio and we will be happy to answer any questions!


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