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With there being such a huge volume of Tattooists available to book in with via social media, it can be very confusing to know who to book in with.

It’s important to understand that each artist doesn’t cover every single style; it is very normal for an artist to specialise in one (or maybe a few) styles of work.This can mean that your tattoo idea might not be suitable for your chosen artist and they decline to move forward with it.

For this reason we have multiple artists to cover a variety of styles and haver highlighted them for you below. You can contact the artists directly via their social media to discuss your design, but if you aren’t sure who it would be best suited to, please feel free to contact the studio and we can match you to the correct person.

Tom Johnson

Portraits, Realism, New School & Pop Culture (from Anime to Disney)

Jay Johnson

Black and Grey, Chicano & Portraits

Maddie Cade

Dragons, Japanese, Traditional & Neo Traditional

Daisy Keeble

Ornamental & Dot Work


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