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Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Microblading is unlike a regular tattoo. Pigment is implanted into the basal layer of the epidermis rather than in your typical tattoo where it sits in the dermis; this sits below the epidermis.

Microblading is done with a manual handheld tool rather than a machine. Hair like strokes are drawn on to mimic the natural hairs in your brows. Even though the pigment is not inserted as deep as a regular tattoo, it is still a tattoo; often it will be referred to as “semi-permanent”. It being called semi-permanent can be misleading as there is no definitive answer to how long it will last; this depends entirely on individual factors like aftercare and skin type.

Microbladed eyebrows
Image taken from Wix

A big misconception we often hear is that Microblading is for people who want a big ‘HD Brow’ type transformation. This is totally inaccurate as it is an individual, custom process. During your consultation we will discuss your desired look, and what is achievable depending on your current brow and face shape. Your brow will be marked up on your face using the traditional measurement method of nose and eyeline. However, just because this is the “aesthetic ideal” it doesn’t mean its correct. You look at your face everyday and know it best, so you might want to make a few tweaks; we want to make sure you are 100% confident with your final style.

Eyebrows pre & post Microbladed
Correction to shape by Maddie of MBH Brows.

A concern we often hear is that it feels like a large sum of money to pay out for your eyebrows, and we agree! On the surface it feels a bit extravagant to spend that money on a small part of your appearance however, when you think further into it, it is an investment. Having my eyebrows Microbladed has not only saved me huge amounts of time (and money, I was spending £45 a month on HD Brows!) but has meant I have been able to cover a scar and rectify an area of slow growth…which has done wonders for my confidence in photos. My eyebrows now look more like sisters than enemies!

Pre & post Microblading of the eyebrow to correct a scar.
An example of how Microblading can be subtly used to fill gaps in the brows due to scarring.

During your consultation you will also have a skin test to ensure that it is safe for you to proceed with the procedure. We will talk you through the entire process, answer any questions you might have and ensuring that you are comfortable to continue.

When you return for your treatment, the process will take 1.5-2 hours inclusive of paperwork and recapping your chosen shape. Once the process is complete, you will be given your aftercare verbally and in the form of a handout to take home, just in case you need to recap on anything. You will also be given the aftercare ointment that you will need to use to care for your brows.

A top up session will be required once the brows are healed, as everyone heals differently due to skin type, aftercare routine and skin care products. During the top up session any additional hair strokes will be added and filled in.

We will remain in contact with you throughout the entire process. So, should you have any questions, we are always more than happy to answer them for you!

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